Roof Leak Repair Services

Roof leaks can result in serious damage to your home. They can ruin the ceiling, walls and paint inside your house if not handled quickly by trained professionals. Based on your roof material and the location of the leak, roof leak repair can cost anywhere from $100 to $2,000. Often, damage is discovered too late and a total roof replacement is needed. Our team at Southern Standard Roofing & Exteriors has performed professional roof leak repair in Georgia and surrounding areas.

Common Reasons for Roof Leaks

Missing shingles

Roof shingles aren’t just for aesthetics. They serve as a barrier between your roof and damaging moisture. Over time, roof shingles can deteriorate from water and exposure, or be stripped away by strong winds. This will leave nail heads exposed, allowing water to sink into the space around them. If you notice that you have lost roof shingles after a strong storm, call your local roofers to address the issue quickly before you end up paying for a more expensive roof leak repair.

Rain Gutter Backup

If your home’s rain gutters aren’t equipped with leaf guards, it’s important to clean them regularly to prevent the buildup of leaves and other debris. Your gutters are designed to quickly deliver water from the roof safely away from your foundation. When leaves, bird nests, dirt and other debris accumulate, they can impede the flow of water and allow it to soak into your roof.

Improperly Sealed Flashing

Flashing is designed to direct water flow away from your home. These thin strips of water impervious metal are installed at all roof intersections and joints to ensure a watertight seal. Over time, the caulk sealing the flashing can dry and chip away. With the flashing no longer properly fitted, rainwater will be able to penetrate your roof.

Roof Leak Repair Company

There are a number of other reasons that your roof may be leaking. At the first sign of a leak, call Southern Standard Roofing & Exteriors. Our team of trained, certified and experienced roofers will determine the source of the leak, discover any hidden damage, and perform the necessary roof leak repair to keep your home safe and watertight. Call Southern Standard Roofing & Exteriors today to schedule your roof repair appointment.